Maintenance Wash | £25.00 - £50.00* | 1-2 Hours

A detailed exterior wash to safely and thoroughly clean the exterior of the vehicle, whilst providing 'top up' protection, to keep your vehicle looking awesome.

  • Wheels are Deep Cleaned inside-out using iron fallout remover and various brushes and mitts
  • Tyre Walls are cleaned and Arches are flushed
  • Bodywork washed using snowfoam, the two bucket method, a premium car shampoo and a soft wool wash mitt
  • Bodywork is dried using plush microfiber drying towels and/or warm air machine
  • Wheels dried, tyres dressed
  • Door shuts and sills cleaned
  • Glass Polished


Maintenance Valet | £50.00 - £75.00* | 2-3 Hours

The Maintenance Valet is suited for vehicles as a regular valet service, to keep your vehicle in excellent condition, all year round.

  • Maintenance Wash PLUS:
  • Interior Dusted and Thoroughly Vacuumed including the boot
  • Interior Windows, Glass and Dials Cleaned
  • Air Freshener Applied

Bronze Valet | £75.00 - £100.00* | 3-4 Hours

The Bronze Valet is suited for vehicles that don't require deep interior cleaning, but do need more than what the maintenance valet offers.

  • Maintenance Valet PLUS:
  • Hard Surfaces cleaned using APC or Autobrite FAB (Plastics, Dashboard, Door Storage, Foot Pedals etc)
  • Floor Mats cleaned and vacuum extracted. (Wet Vac Recommended for heavily soiled carpets)
  • Autobrite Crystal Superior Glass polish

Silver Valet | £100.00 - £150.00* | 4-6 Hours

The Silver Valet is suited for vehicles in need of further attention, on the interior/deeper cleaning

  • Bronze Valet PLUS:
  • Fabric seats and carpets wet vacuumed
  • Leather seats and all other leather areas are cleaned.
  • Dashboard and plastics are dressed using Autobrite Pink Sheen or Super Sheen (Satin or Gloss Finish)
  • Aerospace 303 UV Protector Added

Gold Valet | £150.00 - £200.00* | 6-8 Hours

The Gold Valet is suited for vehicles in need of a full interior/exterior clean along with a basic paint work enhancer.

  • Silver Valet PLUS:
  • Tar deposits chemically removed from the paintwork.
  • Paintwork polished using Autobrite Cherry Glaze. (Polish, protect, Wax)
  • Autobrite exterior trim dressing.

Additional Services

  • Ceramic wash (enquire about what is involved)
  • Wet vac extraction/deep interior clean.
  • Odour removal (cigarette, vomit, milk, mould.)
  • Engine bay detail.
  • Headlight restoration.
  • Carnauba wax..

Please note:

* The prices and times stated above will vary dependant on size of car being worked on and the level of cleaning required. Any of the above valeting packages can go outside of the set time limits, particularly with high end vehicles or excessively dirty interiors, including sand, pet hair or excess dust removal. For example a Maintenance Wash on a very dirty Ford Fiesta may be £50 compared to a regular client that only needs 1 hour spent for £25. Conversely, a 4x4 or large vehicle may take upwards of 3 hours for the same type of wash depending on the state it is in. These prices are a guide for the majority of vehicles that I valet. I also offer interior and exterior only valets and I charge £25 per hour. We will discuss each job on a case by case study, therefore please get in touch via the contact page, for a no obligation quotation.