Wheels Off Detail | from £150

A wheel’s off detail is going to enable a much more thorough cleaning process of the wheels and to enable a complete ceramic coating application for the inner barrels. The arches are deep-cleaned, decontaminated and protected. If preservation of these areas is important for you, then a wheel’s off detail, should be a consideration.

Engine Bay Detail | from £50

Engine bays are often overlooked when it comes to the car cleaning process. However, I personally enjoy the process of breathing some new life, back into the heart of the car. All accessible areas are cleaned and all plastics are dressed, the painted areas are finished with a spray wax and the engine bay is even fully dried, using a heated blower. Precautionary measures are taken to ‘mask off’ all exposed electrical plugs and intakes and care is taken, whilst carrying out this entire process.

Headlight Restoration | from £50

Yellowing or fading of the headlights can ruin the aesthetic appearance of the front end and if the yellowing gets to a point where it isn’t allowing enough light to shine through, can potentially cause an MOT fail, or advisory. The headlight restoration service is there to refresh the condition of the headlights and to protect them against the elements going forwards.

Wet Vac Extraction | from £50

This process is given to heavily soiled fabric or carpet materials, to deep clean and draw out, all of the nasties that are living inside. If you opt for this as a service upgrade then be prepared, to have that new car feeling back once again. This process can just be given to the seats, where I will use a bacterial and odour neutralizing chemical and I can assure you, that you will be amazed!

Odour Removal (cigarette, vomit, milk, mold.) | £POA

Deodorising a vehicles interior to permanently remove any of the above mentioned, is going to give your vehicles interior the huge refresh, that it may possibly need. The vehicle is initially valeted to bring it back to a serviceable standard and throughout this process, a specialist product is used, to kill the bacteria at the source. The vehicle can then be fogged afterwards for a secondary deodorising stage and when you open the doors the next morning, the car will smell like a brand new one once again.